Swimming with dolphins

To be honest, in the beginning I hesitated. Shall I really do that? Shall I really support those places by buying a ticket? It was my first experience with dolphins and I had my doubts..

Step by Step I got into the water always looking to the beautiful "seaspirits".

The coach ordered "Clara" & "Aisha" to swim close to me, so that I could pet them - It felt like a mixture of grabbing a fish and petting a cat - somehow soft & cosy. They swam straight, on the back, like a shark, synchronous, jumped off the water... The two girls exactly listened to the coach carried out the moves and turns, they were asked to do - and one had the impression they even wanted to do more! They also seemed to love the contact with the humans. If I could compare them to any other animals - I would think of the playful & intelligent shepherd dogs that always need attention and also a lot of mental challenge games..





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