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(c) Michael Sedlacek | http://www.digitalminds-photography.com

Do you have ever participated at a beauty pageant or at any talentshow..?

Since I've already made it into the Austrian finals of Miss Earth 2012, 1st runner-up at the Austrian Modelwettbewerb and later elected to the 2nd runner up of Miss Model of the World Austria 2016, I was already prepared what is essential about being a Miss.

Many people who are not from the model- and fashionindustry think that the main characteristic about being a Missis to be the most beautiful one. But it's far beyond that. Being beautiful is the essential criteria to enter a beauty pageant - but we have to consider that a Miss is going to be a role model. That she will be the titleholder for a year and that she will be present at many official events.

Therefore - next to a swimsuit walk, you will have interviews, where they check how you react to questions and there will be also a talentshow where they check your further skills, beyond being beautiful and intelligent.

So, this year several agencies over whole Europe were asked to carry out the national Miss Europe Continental finals and finding the most promising models from each country. My agency "Get Agency" suggested me for representing Austria. They needed photos, videos, where I showed my dance- and acrobatic skills, videos where I did catwalks and finally we had a call in English with the National director where they asked me why I'd be the perfect one to be Miss Europe Continental Austria, what my model- and fashion-experience was up to date, about my values, about "why" in life.

Now it was time to wait. I knew that there were more than 80 applicants from Austria and that they had the final call with their top ten.

So, waiting - while using the time to post the most promising and best photos of my portfolio (I was pretty sure that they also would check my social media..)

Days passed on without any notice.. I waited, I waited and finally a call - I was not sure if I can dare to answer.. Ok, first of all I didn't pick up the phone - I was just to nervous. I decided to call back - and - I could cry because of happiness - they wanted me to be the new Miss Europe Contential Austria 2018 and to represent my beautiful home country in Naples, Italy <3 <3 <3

(c) Michael Sedlacek | http://www.digitalminds-photography.com

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